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The Lung Association - L'Association pulmonaire


To be the recognized leader, voice and primary resource in lung health to enable all people to breathe with ease.


To improve lung health.

  • We believe our employees and volunteers are our greatest resources and as such we are committed to providing a passionate, well-managed organization known for its integrity, honesty and trusting relationships.
  • We believe our clients and donors must be treated with the utmost respect, dignity, grace and sensitivity.
  • We believe that research is critical to successfully combat lung disease.
  • We believe all who breathe with difficulty, as well as those who breathe with ease, will be empowered through our provision of quality, up-to-date information on respiratory health.
  • We believe we are a professional organization that seeks out best practices in all we do and upholds the principles of due diligence in the protection of our assets, and maintains the highest possible ethical standards.

We do this by:

  • Concentrating our efforts in lung health in the following areas: asthma, smoking-related diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and air quality.
  • Providing accurate, timely and quality information and education programs to a range of audiences, including people who suffer from lung disease and their families, youth, health care providers and the general public and government.
  • Providing for and using ongoing research to support our work and our activities.
  • Supporting medical research studies into lung disease.
  • Raising funds from all legitimate sources.
  • Abiding by all regulatory rules relating to charitable organizations.
  • Ensuring the prudent management of all funds entrusted to us.




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The Youth Advocacy Training Institute (YATI) is a program of The Lung Association. YATI supports youth and youth-serving organizations in Ontario.


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