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Smoke-Free Movies: Seeing Through the Smoke

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Smoke-Free Movies: Seeing Through the Smoke
Training Type: 
Youth and Young Adult (12-24)
Training Program: 
Smoke-Free Movies: Seeing Through the Smoke
Training Duration: 
3.5 hours

This training provides participants with an overview of the issues in Smoke-Free Movies. In Canada, 86 per cent of movies featuring tobacco use have been identified as being youth-rated; and in fact, a review study suggested that as much as 37 per cent of youth smoking initiation is due to smoking in movies. Participants will be able to describe the issues behind smoking in movies, the effect it has on kids and youth, and the 5 ‘asks’ of the World Health Organization (WHO). Finally, participants learn what groups are doing to prevent youth from being influenced by smoking in movies.

Cette formation est également disponible en français. 



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