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Amazing Youth Volunteer Opportunity!

Amazing Youth Volunteer Opportunity!


The Youth Advocacy Training Institute (YATI) is looking for 15 Ontario youth to be part of our core group of Youth Volunteers.


(Deadline for submissions: Monday, January 21, 2021)

Who are we?

The Youth Advocacy Training Institute (YATI) is a program of the Ontario Lung Association. YATI trains youth and adults who work with youth on tobacco prevention and other related health issues. Interested in learning more about us? Check out our website- www.


What is the program?

The Youth Volunteer program (YV) is a two part program created to recruit 15 Ontario youth to become YATI’s core group of volunteers.


The first part of the program will empower and support youth from all over Ontario through a weekend retreat featuring leadership, teambuilding, advocacy and tobacco awareness workshops.


The second part will begin after the weekend retreat. Youth participants will be asked to get involved in exciting YATI volunteer opportunities.  


This program is free for all youth participants. YATI will arrange and pay for youth transportation, accommodations and food.


How does this program work?

The YV program is in two parts:

1.    Weekend retreat

2.    Involvement with YATI volunteer opportunities


When is this?

·         Weekend retreat: Friday, February 15, 2021 (starts at 6:00pm) to Sunday, February 17, 2021 (ends at 4:00pm)  

·         Involvement with YATI volunteer opportunities: On going


Where will the retreat take place?

·         Toronto Area (specific location to be determined)


Who are we looking for?

·         16 to 20 years old

·         Must live in Ontario

·         Ability to travel to the Greater Toronto Area (travel arrangements and travel expenses will be arranged and paid for)

·         Interested in learning about tobacco prevention and the tobacco industry

·         Interested in becoming a YATI volunteer



What do you get out of it?

·         Free travel, food and accommodations

·         A chance to make friends with youth from all over Ontario

·         Volunteer hours

·         Certificate of completion

·         A great resume builder


What do we need from you?

·         Name

·         Birthday (including year)

·         Gender

·         City/Town

·         Phone Number

·         Email


1.    Short bio (Tell us about yourself)

2.    Why do you want to be part of the Youth Volunteer (YV) program?

3.    What skills and characteristics do you bring to the YV program?

4.    Please check off any of the volunteer topics that interest you. (Choose all that apply)

Public Speaking

o   Be one of our speakers who present to other youth about advocacy, lung health and tobacco prevention

Writing and Editing

o   Help us write and edit trainings that are facilitated to youth and adults across Ontario

Group Facilitation

o   Learn how to work with large groups of people and facilitate group discussions

Special Events

o   Get involved in future events on an as needed basis

Other: _____________________

5.    How did you find out about this opportunity?


Email your submissions to Adelaida Ortega at


Deadline for submissions is on Monday, January 21, 2021.


If you have any questions, contact Adelaida Ortega at or at 416 864 9911 ext 294.


For more information about the Youth Advocacy Training Institute, check out our website at



Almost 16 million Ontarians reported noticing second hand smoke entering their homes from outside
(The Ontario Tobacco Research Unit, 2009)
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