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Call for Two Student Placements for October 1, 2020
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Sat, 10/01/2021 (All day)
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Call for student placements
We are looking for two full time students for a placement with That's Women s Work Arts Network.
That's Women's Work Arts Network is a social justice based arts network and a registered non-profit that serves all self-identifying women artists.
Our mandate is to help women earn a living wage from their work in the arts.
*We also strive to acknowledge women's work as art and women's art as work.
*We believe that information is a social resource and we work as a collective   within the community.
*We encompass all art forms from visual arts to poetry and performance and all art mediums in between
*We are working to be a sustainable organization not dependent on grants and loans.

We are open to varied hours for students to be inclusive of caregivers or those working full or part time struggling to find a rewarding placement.

We are at the beginning of a huge funding drive to raise funds for an art gallery and rental space. As a student your days will be varied and never boring, each day will be different and challenging.

You'll bring
-a basic understanding of woman's issues
-openness and a non-judgmental outlook
-love of art
-openness and willingness to learn new technology
-the patience to occasionally proof read the dyslexic directors work
-flexibly and a sense of humor

We'll help you build your skills and develop new ones. No experience necessary, tell us what you need from your placement and we'll aim to deliver.

Please send a one page letter of intent letting us know what you'll bring to TWWAN and what you'll need from us. Please send no later than October 1st, 2010 to

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