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Get Published in Metro Newspaper!
Metro newspapers from Halifax to Vancouver are collaborating on a special fall issue with Free The Children! They are currently accepting story pitches for the issue to be released in September, specifically from youth between 15-24 years of age. 

The theme is: What will Canada or the world look like in 2031.... and how can we contribute to it?

Consider the following: If we were building our world from scratch, what would it look like, and how would we make it happen? Pitch us your ideas or visions you have for our future as a society. Your piece can be a narrative or an illustrative piece! Be creative!

Some topics to get you started...


  • The future of food in 20 years

  • Fashion of the future

  • Technology and social media create a borderless world
Economy, environment, technology, human relations, global issues, astronomy...

Metro newspapers is looking for different styles and ways to express these ideas. Pieces can be humorous, satirical, informative, illustrative, animated etc. but must showcase the hopeful voice of a new generation of game-changers! We want to see YOUR vision.
Remember to focus not only on where we will be in 20 years, but rather on how we will get there!

The deadline for pitches is June 30th! Email with a brief 100 word paragraph outlining your story idea, and include the people you would like to interview - if any. This is a great opportunity to get YOUR own ideas published. Don't miss out!


11% of all new mothers in Ontario reported that someone regularly smoked in their presence during their pregnancy or up to six months after the pregnancy
(Health Stats, n.d.)
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