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Youth Free Movie Night - Brant County Health Unit

As posted in the Paris Star:

Free movie night promotes non-smoking lifestyle


By Paris Star staff

Posted 7 days ago

Watch a free movie and make healthier choices – that's the thought behind a Brant County Health Unit initative.

Youth from the county and Brantford are being provided a special cinema experience through the health unit and Galaxy Cinemas on Thursday, Aug. 4.

It's a free movie night for youth starting at 6 a.m. at the cinema complex at Brantford Common, King George Road. The movie night will feature fun and interactive games and activities, with a presentation from a Hamilton youth group talking about the issue of tobacco use in movies. Youth participants will have a chance to share their input on how they can make a difference in the health of their peers.

Researchers estimate that 44% of youth smoking can be attributed to exposure to on-screen smoking.

"The influence of seeing smoking in a movie on young people should not be surprising, given the influence of Hollywood on popular culture and the fact that most modes of tobacco advertising have been banned in Canada," says Anna Glowala, health promoter at the Brant County Health Unit.

Registration for this event will be taking place online at and youth are asked to register for this event by Tuesday, Aug. 2. During the registration process, youth can vote for the movie they want to see played at the event – the movie that has the most votes will be shown on Aug. 4. This event is suitable for those aged 13 and up and the movie selection is limited to PG ratings.

For more information about this event, or to register by phone, call 519-753-4937 ext. 456.

Tobacco Industry
For more than 50 years, tobacco industry has lied about the risks of its products, lied about addiction, lied about its manipulation of nicotine, and lied that its marketing has not targeted kids
(Non-Smokers’ Rights Association, 2004).
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