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Speaker’s Bureau


If you like the topics covered in YATI’s trainings but are looking for a presentation with a shorter time commitment, then the Speakers Bureau is for you!


What is the Speakers Bureau?

The Speaker’s Bureau (SB) is a collection of hour-long presentations that focus on some of the topics that YATI covers in their trainings. SB presentations are great for groups who are looking for informative, interactive, and inspiring presentations who may not have time for YATI’s minimum 3 hour training. Book us for school assemblies, lunch hour meetups, club meetings etc.  SB presentations are meant for groups of 50+.


Speaker’s Bureau Topics:


Creating Effective Health Promotion Campaigns

This SB gives an overview of what it looks like to create successful health messaging and to build a health promotion campaign from the ground up.


Improving the Health of Your Community

 Explore a holistic understanding of health through this SB. Social determinants of health are introduced to explain how factors like education, environment, and poverty affect health. Community-level health promotion is also explored through examples of tobacco control campaigns. 


Tobacco Industry and the World

 Learn about the devious tactics of the tobacco industry, how they market a deadly product and exploit developing countries around the world.


Tobacco Industry Denormalization

This is a great presentation if your group is looking for an introduction to the devious tactics of the tobacco industry and tobacco industry denormalization as a health promotion strategy.


Activists: The Real Gangstas

Learn about the importance of young people creating positive change in their communities and explore real advocacy examples and lessons from the experts.


To Book a Speakers Bureau presentation:

Please contact Lisa Kikuchi, YATI Youth Training Coordinator

By phone: 416.864.9911 ext 276

By email:

 **Please note, you must book your Youth Speakers Bureau 4 weeks in advance for an existing presentation or 8 weeks in advance for a customized SB on the topic of your choice. **





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