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Youth Speakers Bureau

Youth Speakers Wanted!


The Youth Advocacy Training Institute (YATI) is looking for volunteer youth speakers to be a part of the Youth Speakers Bureau.


(Deadline for submissions: Tuesday, May 1, 2021)

Who are we?

The Youth Advocacy Training Institute (YATI) is a program of the Ontario Lung Association. We aim to engage Ontario youth to advocate for healthier communities. We strive to be a recognized leader in training for advocacy, youth development and health promotion.


What is the program?

The program was created to provide volunteer youth speakers with the opportunity to motivate, inform and engage other youth on two separate topics: the global impact of the tobacco industry and air quality.


How does this program work?

Each speaking engagement is an hour in length and will be delivered by volunteer youth speakers. Each youth speaker will share why the topic of the speech (i.e. tobacco industry or air quality) is important to them; in addition to sharing interesting and engaging information about the topic.


Who are we looking for?

·         Youth ages 13 to 24 years old

·         Must live in Ontario

·         Passionate about creating change in their community

·         Excellent communication skills (written and oral)

·         Experience in public speaking and working with large groups

·         Enthusiastic, dependable and flexible

·         Willingness to share a personal story relating to the tobacco industry and/or air quality

·         Ability to travel throughout Ontario (Travel expenses will be paid for)


What do you get out of it?

·         Inspire and motivate youth from all over Ontario

·         A chance to enhance your public speaking skills

·         Opportunity to travel throughout Ontario

·         Volunteer hours

·         A great resume builder


What do we need from you? (Total: 11 questions)

1.    Name

2.    Age

3.    Gender

4.    Location (City/Town)

5.    Phone Number

6.    Email


7.    Short bio (Tell us about yourself)

8.    What motivates you to become a YATI speaker?

9.    What personal story would you chose to share in regards to the tobacco industry and/or air quality?

10.  What do you know about YATI?

11.  How did you find out about this opportunity?


Email your submissions to Adelaida Ortega at


Deadline for email submissions is Tuesday, May 1, 2012.


If you have any questions, contact Adelaida Ortega at or at (416) 864 9911 ext 294.

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