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The Healthy Empowered Youth (hey!) training conferences bring together youth and adult support personnel across Ontario to learn about how to impact the health of their communities by preventing chronic disease. Each conference engages approximately 100-200 youth in leadership and health related training programming, while providing a parallel program for adult support personnel in the area of working with youth on health-related initiatives.

The aim of this mini-conference initiative is to:

  1.  Increase youth participation knowledge about chronic disease prevention, health promotion, advocacy and influencing public policy 2.  Increase adult participant knowledge about how to effectively work with youth to engage in initiatives that focus on health promotion, advocacy and influencing public policy 3.  Increase youth participant willingness to become involved in health promotion/advocacy activities in their community 4.  Provide tools and resources to youth and adult supports for the purpose of implementing health promotion activities in their community 5.  Increase networking amongst youth and adult supports within regional areas

Workshop topics include:

This one-day conference is free of charge and meals are included!

For more information contact: Kim Brunelle 416-864-9911 Ext. 290

Every 7 minutes in Canada, someone dies from heart disease or stroke. Smoking is responsible for 14.54% of all heart disease and stroke deaths.
(Statistics Canada, 2005)
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