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Book a hey! Conference

How to book and host a hey! conference

The Healthy Empowered Youth (hey!) training conferences bring together youth and adult support personnel across Ontario to learn about how to impact the health of their communities by preventing chronic disease. Each conference engages approximately 100-200 youth in leadership and health related training programming, while providing a parallel program for adult support personnel in the area of working with youth on health-related initiatives. Booking and hosting a conference involves recruiting participants and coordinating transportation to and from the event. YATI will cover the cost of the venue, trainings, transportation, and food served at the training.

To book and host a hey! conference, please contact:

Youth Advocacy Training Institute(YATI), The Lung Association
573 King Street East
Toronto ON M5A 4L3
YATI HOTLINE: 1-877-TLA-YATI (852-9284)
Office Phone: 416-864-9911
Fax: 416-922-9430

Almost 8,000 non-smokers die each year from second-hand smoking. That’s about everyone in the city of Dryden, Ontario combined.
(Heart and Stroke Foundation, 2009)
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