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Targeting the Tobacco Industry
Did you know that the tobacco industry knowingly tries to get youth to smoke through clever marketing? This training equips participants with the knowledge to prevent tobacco use within communities and how to denormalize the tobacco industry.
Who Should Attend:
Youth interested in advocacy and health promotion
Training Time:
6.5 hours (including breaks and a 30 minute lunch)
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By the end of this 6-hour module youth participants will be able to:
  1. Apply Tobacco Industry Denormalization strategies to education/inform the youth in their community.

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By the end of this 6-hour module youth participants will be able to:

  1. Define Tobacco Industry Denormalization;
  2. Describe the pervasiveness of tobacco advertising and will be able to critically analyze advertisements and their messages;
  3. Describe the various tobacco industry marketing practices in terms of how they target their products to specific populations;
  4. Apply action planning strategies to develop their TID activities.

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Physical Activity
Nearly half of Canadians ages 12 and over report being physically inactive
(Heart and Stroke Foundation, 2010)
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